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Made to order Custom Print Pizza Box

We supply pizza boxes made from corrugated paper.  Size and printing are according to customer’s requirements. Customers can print logo and text on the top and sides of the box. Popular pizza box sizes are 11,12, and 13 inches. Pizza box can contain 1 inch smaller pizza, for example 13 inches pizza box can contain 12 inches pizza. The minimum order is 1,000 – 3,000 pieces of box approximately. We also provide free delivery in Bangkok.

1 Color Pizza Box

Only one color, but looking good. CIAO’s 13-inch pizza box uses KI paper B flute. KI paper is popular for making pizza boxes. The paper color is light brown, looks clean and suitable for food. The box is printed in brown paper with minimal printing design. This makes the box looks neat and clean.

Gallery Pizza, a famous pizza shop at Sathorn, Bangkok, uses 13-inch pizza box, with KI paper B flute. The box is printed in 1 black color, Gallery Pizza logo and phone number on the lid of the box, with shop’s website on the sides. Easy printing and design, easy to notice and remember!

Same as Gallery Pizza Box, NewYork Pizza House uses 13-inch pizza box, with black printing. Simple printing design, but complete details.

Pizza Indy uses 7-inch pizza box printed in black as well. The box has picture of pizza ingredients as a background to make the box look pretty. Moreover, their customers will remember their pizza menu. This pizza box used E flute paper instead of B flute. The E flute is thinner, but higher price than B flute. However, due-to the box’s small size, E flute is the most suitable choice.

2 Colors Pizza Box

Pizza box is not only for pizza… Cheesy King Gyoza Shop uses 10-inch pizza box with white paper KS B flute, printed in black and yellow. Yellow color highlights their cheesy logo, which is the shop’s character. The box also has holes to help the air flow for their gyozas.

Food delivery is popular nowadays, almost every restaurant in Thailand now has delivery service. Apart from pizza and gyoza, The Raw Bar uses a box that has the same shape as pizza box, instead of squared box, they use rectangular shape box to pack seafood for their customers. Red and black printing design contrasts with KI (light brown) paper perfectly.

3 Colors Pizza Box

Ayutthaya King River Prawns Box is made from KA (golden brown) paper with B flute, rectangular shape and custom size design for grilled prawns. This prawn delivery/take-home box is printed in 3 colors: white, red and brown, which is well contrasted with the paper colors. The combunation of colors makes the box stand out and showing the identity of Thai food.

Gyoza Grandma City restaurant chooses 10-inch pizza box with KI B flute corrugated paper. The box is printed in black, red and orange colors, and used the dot printing technique to emphasise the gyoza shadow, which make it more dimensional look.

Tatami Pizza restaurant, they make square pizza like no other. Tatami chooses 12 and 14 inch pizza box with KI paper grade and B flute. The box is printed logo and phone number in 3 colors: red, green and black.

4 Colors Pizza Box

Grand Jomtien Palace Hotel choses 11-inch pizza box, and using KI paper, B flute, and 4 colors printing: red, dark blue, sky blue and green. Four colors printing and dot printing technique make the picture of pizza look tasty and colorful. Dot printing technique makes the pizza looks like it has more than 4 colors, but actuary it is only 4 colors. When we look at the box closely, we will see colors in dots on the pizza. However, this printing technique is suitable for large boxes only, because the resolution of Flexo printing system is still not very high.

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