Production lead time?

The corrugated box production process takes approximately 7-10 working days. (In case of multiple edits, may cause longer than 10 days)

Want to order a box, but don't know how to start

Before ordering corrugated boxes, you should understand corrugated box paper specs, and styles, because there are many paper specs and box styles more than you think. To understand paper spec, Click here, and box shape, Click here. Since you’ve  known the basic of paper specs and box styles, then please prepare the following information:

1. Type and weight of your product in the box

2. Box style, and paper spec

3. Quantity

4. Printing

5. Location (for keeping the box)

When all the information is ready, ask for quotation here

Do we design the printing on the box?

We do not offer 100% design. You need to prepare your logo, pictures, and wordings for us. Then we will manage to put them on the box for you.

Do we have ready-made boxes for sale?

No, we don’t have ready-made boxes. We do made-to-order only.

What is Printing Plate?

Printing Plate is a mold that can be used to print the boxes according to the desing that the customer needs.


What is Die-cut Plate?

Die-cut Plate is a knife for cutting sheet board into various shapes.

Why do we have to charge for Printing Plate and Die-cut Plate?

Charging plate cost will help customers to get boxes at lower prices and will save more money in long-term order. The printing plate and die-cut plate are charges at the first order only (If there is no change in the size or shape of the box).


The MOQ depends on box size, the bigger box, the smaller MOQ. Mostly the estimated MOQ is around 500-3,000 pcs. You can calculate the MOQ easily by giving box size down here in the tables.  Or contact us at LINE ID: @blbox

For RSC Box

Box Size

For Die-Cut Box

Paper Size

Office Hours

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